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Monday, September 13, 2010

Roaaaad triiiip

And Forward we will go....

Thanks for support everybody. I'm going to be leaving on a trip for about 4-5 days and will not be able to follow up on everyone like usual. when im back I will be sure to check out everyone's new updates and I will probably work on a more proper design for the site to make it easier to read, adding new contact info, etc.

Pic not related, it's the ship I wish i could fly in, it has three feet of leg clearance for every seat, is made of LeGo's and keeps the AC at 60 degrees. T'is a dream.


  1. love to mah bro

    check this too to find new interesting blogs to luv daily

  2. nice mate,i'l do daily round on your blog,please do aswell

  3. Have a nice trip bro! Also that ships badass

  4. I like toast and ham because they often come from trees.

  5. Have a nice trip!
    Take a tour on my blog:

  6. Well done you. I would have provided cookies... but the cookie monster got there first

    w" "w
    W -====- W
    "w w"
    W W


    Following you, look forward to reading