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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hotel internet

so I'm staying at the holiday inn and I notice they advertised " High speed internet".

They mean "Low speed dsl". i have yet to get above 1 Mbps

Because this is not conducive, i learned I actually get 3 Mbps from the Ramada's wireless across the street... very disturbing.

Today I was looking around and saw a guy walking along the side of the road with huge rolls of cloth on his back, when i slowed down and asked him why he was hauling around all that garbage, he answered "I need to catch up on my Halloween costume, Bro!".

I've noticed this happening with other holidays, so i was thinking maybe we should just have multi-sided decorations on all our homes and just tell the home what holiday it is to rotate all the decorations in or out.

Also got a chance to see a two headed iguana today, it was a disappointing experience and I do not recommend it to you.


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  2. Sadly most hotel internet hubs are poorly set up. Barely much more than a modem and a wireless router everyone can connect to. I've only seen one set up well, full server boxes in the office and separate unique routers for each floor.

  3. @Taoist yeah I'm probably spoiled with Florida Hotels having 10 mb/s router for each floor with pin numbers for each guest.

  4. cool blob, following
    *horrible colour combination tho^^