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Friday, September 10, 2010


For anyone who hasnt heard of it, Minecraft is a new game currently in development by Marcus Pearsson, the main developer of wurm online.

Minecraft is base don the premise of surviving in a cube world with a fully destructible environment.

The Developer, Notch is also in talks with valve and bungee, and hiring a development team and business manager to open a game development studio proper in Stockholm.

The 10$ fee to join the alpha is more than worth it. I have spent at least a hundred hours since purchasing my alpha account two weeks ago, and I recommend you support this  endeavor.

Stay Happy, my friends.


  1. wow completely destructible environment? worth the download, thx~~

  2. sounds and looks interesting
    supporting <3

  3. any cracked version out there?

  4. @SHH Yes there is, notch has promised his comunity he will never implement DRM on his game, but if you pirate it I ask that you out of respect buy the game. This isnt EA being lootwhores, this is one epic swede making a game in his own basement.

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