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Thursday, September 9, 2010

On Welfare

   Here in the united states we often consider welfare the act of a government redistributing money tot hsoe who need it

   For a second lets consider the word Welfare, as in "Faring well". Our constitution in the U.S. States that "We the People, in order to create a more perfect union... and Promote the general welfare...". What does this mean? Welfare in it's simplest form is the state of the quality of life. if you promote General Welfare, most of your population will be faring well, and will probably be a bit happier. If you hand out paltry sums to millions of people, then... People who need money still dont have enough, the government that does this develops a tremendous debt, while those who "don't need" assistance are still having hard times.

   Perhaps instead of Trying to promote the general welfare by Throwing money at the problem we should do something which Promotes the general welfare. by this i mean, Refinish roads so that the cars traveling on them sustain less damage, can travel at higher speeds, have less problems in the rain, and cause less accidents while requiring less maintenance
By this I mean go back and replace all of your street lights with High intensity LEDs that will save the government BILLIONS in electricity while reducing the amount of fuel that needs to be burned to power them, AND making the lights brighter and cheaper to replace, as well as making the lightbulbs themselves less polluting to dispose of.
By this I mean Creating more Tax Brackets to tax individuals Earning a million dollars a year differently than businesses earning only 300 or 400 thousand dollars a year, And encouraging businesses to hire more employees
By this I mean Invest in new forms of Electric power, for example installing Solar film [a cheap alternative to glass solar panels] on Most rooftops in sunnier areas of the country to maximize the space we have, avoid having to create solar mirror farms, and reduce th eload of the electric consumption powered by Fossil fuels
By this I mean withdraw All of our troops in All middle eastern countries so that they can come back to Buy Homes, Create and take jobs in America, Study, and contribute to the General Welfare of our nation.
By this I mean Creating an efficient network of Electromagnetic Trains to connect America, facilitating the transport of Goods and people.
By this I mean collecting Taxes form all Americans, and not just a measly 49%, so that the revenue from Taxes can be put to paying off the national debt, and improving the image of the united states in the eyes of other nations and improving the influence of it's word by making it independent from foreign loans.
By this I mean creating a structured educational system where students are encouraged to learn and specialize in what they love rather than forcing all students to take mediocre Standardized tests then penalizing schools that do poorly on these tests, rather than investing in the improvement of those schools.
By this I mean invest more on Post-Secondary schooling so that High school graduates can study at whatever institution best benefits them, rather than which they can afford, so that more of our population can become skilled laborers
By this I mean imposing mandatory regulations on the amount of harmful substances in "Fast Food" to improve the Health aspect of the General Welfare of our population.
By this I mean reforming immigration to make it easier for people to legally migrate and document themselves, so that the united states can collect taxes on the already occupying undocumented workers in our fields, factories, and stores, rather than letting them earn revenue untaxed, which hurts the General Welfare.
By this I mean ceasing to hand out money to "needy" people whom have appeared on national television and confessed they use their welfare money to buy untaxed illegal drugs.
By this I mean investing in the renovation of older structures to improve insulation and air circulation and reduce the cost of Air Conditioning and lighting, as the average American home wastes 46% of their heating or cooling system's output through thermal leaks and poor insulation.
By this I mean investing in cleaning up our rivers and canals which have mostly become either polluted or stagnant, one leading to undesirability and the other leading to disease.
By this I mean investing in America's Internet foundations to enable more access to faster internet. seeing how America's average household download speed is roughly 10.5 Mb/s [28th in the world]  and The Average Upload speed is 2.7 Mb/s [26th in the world]. Both currently below Russia, Lithuania, South Korea, the Republic of Moldova, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden to name a handful of the long list of Nations with superior internet access. A higher internet speed and more internet availability facilitates the democratic exchange of ideas and information, and promotes business and monetary transactions, leading to More jobs and More thinkers.
By this I mean completely destroying the existing Healthcare system and implementing a newer system where the patient cost actually reflects the cost of production of medication or the cost of labor for tests or examinations, making "Health insurance" completely unnecessary altogether.
By this I mean Legalizing the use of some Currently prohibited substances like Cannabis and Opium derivatives, and allowing those foolish enough to abuse these substances to suffer the consequences of their actions, while paying TAXES on their drugs, overall contributing to the General Welfare of people who do not abuse these drugs, and Weakening drug cartels and organized crime who reap BILLIONS of dollars in untaxed profits and cost the government BILLIONS of dollars in law enforcement every year. if the Criminals have nothing that legitimate businessmen do not have, they lose their business and influence in america, and int urn reduce cost of law enforcement. Additionally, once drug consumption is no longer a secret shoved under the rug, accounts of drug tragedies will become more widespread, increasing awareness of the dangers of these substances and encouraging Educated citizens to avoid them.
By this I mean improving the literacy rate of the United States and creating harsher consequences for failing to graduate from high school or Dropping Out.
By this I mean reducing taxes on Businesses who hire new employees and Increasing Taxes on businesses and corporations whom "Cut Employees", "Downsize", and "Fire" their working population, something that will create jobs, Increase the amount of money consumers have, and in turn increase both profits, prosperity, and Income Tax Revenue for the government.
By this I mean Taking a Scorched-Earth policy on governmental reform: Reduce the layers of bureaucracy in government, Reduce the number of agencies performing redundant work, Reduce the number of "Government Agencies" Currently siphoning Tax Dollars for meaningless purposes, and Create a Centralized Database of U.S. Citizens with information pertinent to criminal investigations [such as Fingerprints, previous offenses, Biometric data, Indentifying information, affilliated groups etc.] to reduce the amount of unnecessary work in law enforcement
By this I mean creating legislature to end the persecution of Peer to peer data exchange and darknets, allowing a more efficient means to transfer data around the world and exchange information, leading to increased spread of knowledge and skill in Americans
By this I mean nullifying Laws like the Hatch Act, which make it illegal for Citizens of the United States to Dissent with their government or propose large scale governmental reform [an action which was central to the birth of this nation] so that American Citizens may improve the governmental system and make it more efficient, and eliminating the elitism in government which has been carried as a tradition for hundreds of years.
By this I mean legitimizing Presidential and Congressional elections so that Certain counties and townships do not mysteriously report that any candidate has "-400" votes, as I find it difficult to believe that not only did not one person vote for the candidate, but that 400 people Unvoted [?] for that candidate, something which my Physics Professor, and most Professors of American Law would declare an impossibility.
By this I mean investing in not only solar energy, but Hydroelectric energy. We do not need to build dams to harvest the power of water when we have dozens of persistent ocean currents and thousands of flowing rivers which could become home to Sea-floor Turbines that feed energy to the mainland without having to deform the terrain and endanger species of aquatic life.
By this I mean investing in plants to convert Salt water into Fresh water via any of the methods currently already being employed around the world, increasing America's supply of Fresh Water, which is one of the Earth's most precious resources.
By this I mean Penalizing companies whom outsource the majority of their labor to other nations with Tax increases and revocation of privileges, encouraging the creation of jobs in America, and enabling a larger percentage of our simple manual labor to be transferred to machine labor without significantly harming the employment rate
By this I mean imposing legislation to revoke the citizenship of so-called "discouraged workers" whom are still capable of working but have abandoned the search of any employment, and currently live as parasites, from the handouts of family, friends, or the government.
By this I mean mandating closer deadlines to reduce Emissions of pollutants from Plastic and chemical production factories, whom are the primary consumers of petroleum, using nearly six times as much petroleum as the automobile industry

By this I mean so many other things, so many other things that as a nation we could do to improve the General Welfare without handing out monthly or weekly payments to millions, but no. doing these things would require a government who has some interest in helping the general population. Doing these things would require a government which would not worry about losing campaign funding. doing these things would anger the sponsors of many politicians, and other of these would detract form the so called "issues" politicians have to campaign on. God forbid politicians will have to prove their aptitude for the job instead of simply yelling cries of "9/11!!!! Healthcare Reform!!! Immigration Reform!!! the War in Afganistan!!!". 

Once Again, Thank you for reading 


  1. i suppose you should write that much or make two parts of it i got tired to read it in the middle :(

  2. yeah I was just brainstorming while posting, ill prolly end up making a post about each of those in the future.

  3. wow i actually read all of that. very intelligent, gj

  4. @Anne, yes it is. on the surface it seems like a simple two party system, but every politician is in it for his or her own reasons and the reasons of the companies sponsoring his campaign. makes progress here a real mess

  5. this article is amazing
    if you know what i mean.

  6. Do away with the governments idea of welfare. Hey /b/rother, I'll be back daily. We are legion.

  7. political post, please break em down in future xD