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Monday, September 20, 2010

The ridiculous financial system we have today

I don't know about the rest of the world, but here int he USA our economy is not just out of balance, it's completely off the rails. Everywhere i go i see ads from lawyers telling you to sue over petty things, advertisement for companies that build student credit for students attending university online, and advertisements of timeshares and home financing, reverse mortgages, and financial derivatives.

The fact is, money was made to keep track of contributions to society, not to keep track of money, and so long as we waste money on credit building and stuent credit cards for students who probably cant pay what they will charge, nothing is going to change



In this post I would like to hear what you believe makes  a disease most terrible, whether it be fast killing, slow killing, certain symptoms, the ability to stay undetected or inactive a long time, i'd like to get your opinions.

thats all for today.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Memetic Challenge

I have been thinking of a little experiment. Trying to spread a unit of information, as effectively as possible, without spending money. Therefore I have come up with this Challenge:

Spread the Diaries of Fate Logo and accompanying URL as far as possible. whether it be a social media site, the side of your building, a local newspaper or magazine, the street outside your house, or the sand at the beach, spread the crest as far as possible.
If you spread it online, include a link to this article on my blog.

A Few Rules However:
1: If you post the crest on the same medium as someone else already has, it will not count for the prize.
2: If the crest is on a website, it must include a backlink to this article for purposes of spreading the challenge.
3: No carving the crest on government buildings in any countries.
4: Post Pictures/screenshot of your placement.
5: I have seen many photoshops in my time. i can tell from the color and some of the pixels.
6: Diary of Fate and Fate Avirus assume NO responsibility for anyone placing the crest on any place where it is illegal to do so or they are not allowed to. Should i learn any submitted image is against the rules of that place, it will be disqualified.
7: if anybody paints the crest on the back of a turtle with a shell that has a length of 10 feet or longer you automatically win
8: If anyone builds a flying saucer with a diameter of over 20 feet and paints the crest on it, you automatically win.
9: If anyone Gets the Crest onto national or international news [must show pic of TV, and pic/screenshot of submitting it] without giving the blog bad P.R. you automatically win.

All prizes will be distributed on May 5 2011.
1: [1] World of warcraft Account with Level 80 Death knight in Tier 10 armor. [not linked to avoid ban for account trading]
2:  [1] 30 mW Red pen laser [I would go higher but then I will have idiots whining about how they/their dog/their mom went blind for looking into the beam]
3: [5] paid minecraft accounts [currently 9.95 Euros, will go to 19.95 euros when out of alpha, may rise even more if game goes to steam]
4:  Go to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200
5: A copy of the game i am currently working on, a zombie survival RPG... where you play as the zombie.

 This is my submission. it is automatically disqualifies.

Each person votes for the picture they believe most deserves to win. each person can make 2 submissions, and vote once. each week I will update the Standing on each person's pictures and votes

Current Submissions!!!
Fate - only Entry - 0 Votes[locked]

Fun Friday

What's Fun Friday? It's when on a Friday, I present you with a Fine work of game that caught my eye.

I'll Start with MetaGun, it's a Java browser game.

At first it seems like a simple Platformer/Shooter... but wait there's more!
Pay very close attention... that gun isn't shooting bullets.. it's shooting enemies that shoot bullets!

The game is a logic puzzle based around firing enemies into locations where the bullets they shoot will help you continue, all while dodging the bullets that they fire... Aimed at you.

It's Definitely an interesting piece of game, 

Credit for making this game goes to Markus  Persson, the Lead developer at Mojang Specifications.

Link to Game


Good afternoon Everyone, If you are like me with a decent computer and connection, and are Human, you probably love easy ways to make money on the internet. most of these involve viewing websites or clicking ads or whatever. its easy, but tedious and doesn't pay very well.   

I stumbled upon a service called Ca$hGopher, The CashGopher System is fairly easy:
1: You install software and register an account
2: You leave your computer on when you are not using it.
3: [optional] refer other people to join the network
4: once you have 10+$ you cash in via PayPal.

The largest benefits of this system are:
1: You dont have to do anything yourself after installing CashGopher
2: It pays 25% on your referrals' earnings without hurting them [and their earning are affected by their referrals, and so on, allowing big bucks]
  This means you get money from all tiers of referral, not just 5 or six. percent earned from lower tiers is (.25^[Tier])x(Earning of that tier)
so direct referrals are .25x1xE, or 25% your direct referral's earnings
  Percent form second tier is .25^2xE, = 6.25% on second tier and so on.
3: the payout is directly to paypal so you can spend it online easily without depositing to a bank account and all that nonsense.


   As I've mentioned before[though not too clearly] your computer will be performing tasks whenever it is on and you are not using it, like pinging websites, sending information between servers, measuring changes in a website and other miscellaneous distributed computing. companies pay CashGopher for this service, and you get a cut for letting them use your computer to do this.  so you aren't doing work, but your computer is.

How to Sign Up?????
you can click the leaderboard banner at top of my website, OR if you have ads disabled click the link below:

Make Money For Doing Nothing!

It's that simple. good luck and enjoy the new source of income.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010



 I'm almost sure most of you have at least HEARD of WikiLeaks,

  For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last two years, WikiLeaks is a website which has made it easy to leak sensitive information and documents, and also to access that information leaked by others. Needless to say, they have P.O.'ed just about every major governmental agency in the world, as well as countless politicians who would rtaher have their secrets kept secrets.

My question to you is: Do you feel it is a positive or a negative influence on our society to have Wikileaks, or simply to have reached the point where it is a viable question whether it is better or not to encourage the disclosure of sensitive information. the world we have today is not the same world we had a century ago, and information works in different ways.

Hotel internet

so I'm staying at the holiday inn and I notice they advertised " High speed internet".

They mean "Low speed dsl". i have yet to get above 1 Mbps

Because this is not conducive, i learned I actually get 3 Mbps from the Ramada's wireless across the street... very disturbing.

Today I was looking around and saw a guy walking along the side of the road with huge rolls of cloth on his back, when i slowed down and asked him why he was hauling around all that garbage, he answered "I need to catch up on my Halloween costume, Bro!".

I've noticed this happening with other holidays, so i was thinking maybe we should just have multi-sided decorations on all our homes and just tell the home what holiday it is to rotate all the decorations in or out.

Also got a chance to see a two headed iguana today, it was a disappointing experience and I do not recommend it to you.