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Saturday, September 11, 2010

On Site Design

Alot of people have been asking me about the design for my blog. Im gonna go ahead an beak down the different elements of it quick, maybe later ill go ahead make screenshots.

I didn't spend that much time on the background.

Step 1
I made 2 new layers, one named purp, the other purp1
I used the CS5 brush that looks like a firework to create lots of interlocking "Threads" with a different color for each layer
Step 2
I applied differing degrees of Gaussian blur to each layer for contrast in perceived distance
Step 3
I applied a stained glass filter with large cells to the top layer and another with smaller cells to the bottom layer, creating a weak impression of two webs overlapping.
Step 4
I deleted some of the borders to have it blend in with the website background red, then created a bottommost layer of the same red i used for website.
Step 5
I used some of my homemade Crack and wear brushes intersparced between the web layers and behind them to make some parts look darker or brighter
step 6
I made the curves for name etc in illustrator and brought them in
Step 7
Add my name etc to template and add in some ants

Formatting with HTML:
went to Design-> HTML
background-image: url(*******);
This adds my background image, hosted at imageshack
background-attachment: fixed;
This Prevents my Background from moving while you scroll up and down my long posts [As it was a quick job, it does not tessellate very well
background-repeat: no-repeat;
this is also to compensate for not tessellating, this keeps my Background form repeating for those of you with larger screens than mine.
This blends in with the Brush stamps in the webs and "leaks into" the background thanks to transparency.

Formatting of Blog:
I did not bother to try and decipher the dozens of citations and variables in the default template, so I just went ahead and used google's "Template Designer" to set all of my content boxes [gadgets, posts, sidebar] to transparent and change border colors to better fit the scheme i was going for [inspired by zerg hives]. I left the borders so that you can tell where my posts start and end more easily.

Header: Very quick Splatter brushing and blending options to contour and apply texture, transparency to easily blend in with background, used the Page Elemtents> Header to quickly upload my picture and set it to replace text.

The Crest in the upper right is a little easter egg, I also Sign it on all my handwritten papers, essays, documents. I have yet to have not yet had anyone recognize it.

Fate out.


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  3. Interesting background. Not sure if I like the scale-like effect on the front, and the colors wouldn't be my personal preference. But it does look fairly well made.

  4. lol dude your background and theme kinda suck... but i like your posts. so i followed you

  5. i have to say your text is kinda hard to read~, cause like ur bg gets light where ur text is

  6. My first glance at the background, and my eyes had to take some time to adjust. I think maybe less on the contrast? Just my constructive criticism. I cant do this so, keep it up!

  7. Nice blog, kicks the crap out of mine

  8. Those 10 million fans werent overnight!
    she started from 0!

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  16. Thanks for that, awesome design by the way...