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Friday, September 17, 2010

Memetic Challenge

I have been thinking of a little experiment. Trying to spread a unit of information, as effectively as possible, without spending money. Therefore I have come up with this Challenge:

Spread the Diaries of Fate Logo and accompanying URL as far as possible. whether it be a social media site, the side of your building, a local newspaper or magazine, the street outside your house, or the sand at the beach, spread the crest as far as possible.
If you spread it online, include a link to this article on my blog.

A Few Rules However:
1: If you post the crest on the same medium as someone else already has, it will not count for the prize.
2: If the crest is on a website, it must include a backlink to this article for purposes of spreading the challenge.
3: No carving the crest on government buildings in any countries.
4: Post Pictures/screenshot of your placement.
5: I have seen many photoshops in my time. i can tell from the color and some of the pixels.
6: Diary of Fate and Fate Avirus assume NO responsibility for anyone placing the crest on any place where it is illegal to do so or they are not allowed to. Should i learn any submitted image is against the rules of that place, it will be disqualified.
7: if anybody paints the crest on the back of a turtle with a shell that has a length of 10 feet or longer you automatically win
8: If anyone builds a flying saucer with a diameter of over 20 feet and paints the crest on it, you automatically win.
9: If anyone Gets the Crest onto national or international news [must show pic of TV, and pic/screenshot of submitting it] without giving the blog bad P.R. you automatically win.

All prizes will be distributed on May 5 2011.
1: [1] World of warcraft Account with Level 80 Death knight in Tier 10 armor. [not linked to avoid ban for account trading]
2:  [1] 30 mW Red pen laser [I would go higher but then I will have idiots whining about how they/their dog/their mom went blind for looking into the beam]
3: [5] paid minecraft accounts [currently 9.95 Euros, will go to 19.95 euros when out of alpha, may rise even more if game goes to steam]
4:  Go to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200
5: A copy of the game i am currently working on, a zombie survival RPG... where you play as the zombie.

 This is my submission. it is automatically disqualifies.

Each person votes for the picture they believe most deserves to win. each person can make 2 submissions, and vote once. each week I will update the Standing on each person's pictures and votes

Current Submissions!!!
Fate - only Entry - 0 Votes[locked]


  1. blogger is a great way to spread info!

  2. It's really hard to read this :/

  3. @sildude, try highlighting text if you seriously cant read.

  4. thats a great idea, going to follow this to see how it goes... Good luck, by the way love your blog setup, wish I could make mine look more professional

  5. Sounds neat, however, your backdrop is ridiculously hard to read on. Change your font or something :P

  6. It's a nice idea but would you mind if I put my blog url on top of the lego and yours at the bottom?

  7. cool thanks for the info, will check it.

    smoochies n' poopies! :*
    also check my poll